We will produce future scientists and innovators from Japan who will solve problems in society and create a new world

International School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ) is a project that aims to establish a private international school in Japan, which focuses mainly on science related subjects and students' research projects.

We also emphasize on presentation and international communication skills which will help students to widen their field of research and their understanding of how the industries work and function.

We aim to build an international learning environment with students from different countries around the world, we will teach them the knowledge and skills to become successful scientists in the future.

Two Main Characteristics of ISSJ


“Science can change the world”

Science has the power to materialize dreams. It’s an engine of creation. Science is able to produce the things that people wish they had. They design the future and make it a reality. The strongest weapon is the power of science. It goes beyond time and place and is a universal language. The International School of Science is different because it produces students that use science as a weapon to achieve their dreams and solve problems.


“We are all different, and that’s cool”

People understand their values once they encounter people with a different value system than theirs. When they interact with people different from them they can think about who they are. We welcome many international students at ISSJ. Our program gives the opportunity for both the Japanese participants and international participants to live and interact with one another to establish a truly global community where they are able to keep to their unique cultural values and feel confident in expressing their individual differences.

Education philosophy

The students ISSJ aims to produce

Students who are able to "make a way" out of "no way."

Forward-thinking individuals who are able to express their ideas and principles with confidence and without constraint.


The person who are able to find the value in being unique.

Individuals who respect each others' differences and realise the benefits of unique minds working together.

Educational Method


We encourage learning from many different perspectives. At ISSJ, students gain positive results through their own extensive hypothesizing and experimenting. Learning facts by heart is not enough. It is essential that students understand the processes involved in proving scientific facts and formula such as the formula of gravity (F=GMm/r^2), or the speed of light.

Preparing and Testing the Hypothesis

Struggling alone can be very unproductive. By working as a team, we give our students the opportunity to use their international setting to produce research designs that truly show great depth of knowledge and diversity. Within ISSJ, students are able to gain insight and perspectives from all over the world, which allow them to produce projects with multiple dimensions.

Group Work

Here the main focus is on "presenting and articulating." Presenting and articulating your own study encourages the involvement of others, which in turn broadens your horizons. Each student will learn how to structure and deliver presentations for all of their classes. In addition, they will give a movie presentation summarizing the contents of all of their courses reports. A tailor-made class entitled "Science Presentation" will be given in order to improve their presentation skills. (Conducted at summer school 2015 & 2016)


Ryuichi “Richie” Nomura


Takeshi Kinugawa

Project Leader

Masayuki Sorata

Project Manager

Risa Mizuno

Program Coordinator

Clarlotte Evans

Head of teachers

Yoshifumi Komasa

Curriculum Coordinator

Taizo Son

name Inetnational School of Science Founding Project (ISSJ) / Katsuiku educational Foundation
URL http://science-school.org
Representative Ryuichi Nomura
address 106, 1-21-14 ebisu-nishi shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan