Lecturer introduction vol.2/講師紹介②

Hi! It’s Ayako, an ISSJ intern.

Today I’m going to tell you about the lecturers part2.

Fist of all, how do you think about the water scarcity which is the real issue in some countries right now or will happen in other countries near future?

ISSJ summer school will welcome two scientists from Hotaru Inc. and offer you a lecture to suggest the effective solutions towards the water shortage.

Hotaru Inc. has a philosophy “Water Makes Us Free”. Based on it, they invented portable water purification system which makes it possible to take fifty times of showers with twenty liters of water.

Here are the lecturers below,

Name: Manabu Nishio

Name: Ryo Yamada

The title of the lecture is

“Toilet-to-tap?~Water Reuse for a Water Scarce World“.

Why don’t you think about how to solve the shortage of water supply with the latest technologies together?

*The class schedule is subject to change.









名前:西尾 学 氏

名前:山田 諒 氏


Toilet-to-tap?~Water Reuse for a Water Scarce World~』


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