Introduction of Our Teachers vol.1 / 講師紹介①

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Today’s post is “Introduction of Our Teachers vol.1”.

Prof.Akinori NAGANO, College of Sports and Health, Ritsumeikan University

[Graduate School/University]

March 1996 – University of Tokyo  College of Arts and Sciences  Department of Natural and Artificial Systems  Graduated

March 1998 – University of Tokyo  Division of International and Interdisciplinary Studies  General Systems Studies – Systems Science  Master’s course  Completed

August 2001 – Arizona State University  Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Program in Exercise Science  Doctoral course  CompletedProf.Nagano’s research area is “the mechanism of human motion generation”, which contains both experimental way with small/light/wearable sensors and logical way with computer simulation models.Those domains which analyze human motion generation mechanically and apply to other areas are called Biomechanics.Sports is getting more attention as Tokyo Olympics 2020 is coming up. Biomechanics is used for improving the athletes’ performance, which is so interesting目​​​​​​​

Assistant Prof.Masahiro FUJIMOTO, College of Sports and Health, Ritsumeikan University

[Graduate School/University]
March 2004 – Doshisha University  Faculty of Engineering  Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

March 2006 – Doshisha University  Graduate School of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

September 2012 – University of Oregon Graduate School Department of Human Physiology Biomechanics

The research is on “Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Balance and Movement”, which is investigated both from biomechanics and neuroscience.I’ve personally got interested in one of his past researches, “Balance Function and Falls in Aging”.
Basically, the reason the elderly fall is analyzed biomechanically and neurologically for finding solution.
Those studies will be very helpful in the areas of nursing care, healthcare, and so on.

The next topic is “ISSJ: FAQ”, so we are going to answer the questions that we often get.See you soon​​​​​​​.




With Assistant Prof.Fujimoto at the central left and Prof.Nagano at the central right.


今日は講師紹介 PART1、立命館大学のスポーツ健康学部の教授でいらっしゃるお二方をご紹介します!

スポーツ健康科学部 長野明紀先生


1996/03  東京大学  教養学部  基礎科学科第Ⅱ  卒業

1998/03  東京大学大学院  総合文化研究科  広域科学専攻  修士課程  修了

2001/08  アリゾナ州立大学大学院  学際的博士課程プログラム(運動科学)  博士課程  修了





スポーツ健康学部 藤本大雅先生


2004/03 同志社大学 工学部 機械システム工学科

2006/03 同志社大学大学院 工学研究科 機械工学選考

2012/09 オレゴン大学大学院 整理学科 バイオメカニクス



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