We are launching a brand new high school in 2020

- to make everyone think "I can shape the world with my own hands "
- to produce future scientists and innovators who will solve problems in society and create a new world. 

Summer School

Lectures by university professors and scientists engaging in cutting-edge research

You can have in-depth discussions about leadership, cultural and linguistic differences, and the issues facing your generation. You can chat about your society, and about your dreams with your classmates from different backgrounds. In this one week, you will form part of a community.

Summer School 2017 Application Guideline

Dates July 30, 2017(sun) to August 9, 2017(wed)
Venue (First half) Ritsumeikan University, Biwako-kusatsu Campus
(Second half) Some facilities in Tokyo and Chiba
Accommodation (First half) Ritsumeikan University, Epock21
(Second half) Tokyo University of Science, Noda seminar house
15year old - 17 years old
*You are not eligible to apply for the program if you finish a high school program in August, 2017
Number of
Students Accepted
Course Cost 250,000yen (Class Programs 120,000yen / Food, Accommodation, and Insurance 100,000yen / local transportation during summer school 30,000yen )
Scholarship All expense 250,000yen (Excluding Transportation to/from the venue from/to your place)
- Examined applicant screening and online-interview
Closing Day
First term : 30th April, 2017

Second term : 30th June, 2017

1) In the second term of the application period, the application with scholarship is not available.

2) The application with a scholarship request will be accepted during the first term of application which will be ended on 30th April, 2017.

*This extension is due to requests from respective countries by considering their schedules of exams and academic terms at schools.

for Participants
- Applicant must be able to understand lectures in English.
- Applicant must come to the venue by themselves at their own expense.
- Applicant must be in good physical and mental condition.
- All applicants is examined applicant screening.
- Applicant should be enthusiastic, have initiative, and be able to work independently or in cooperation with other students.
Organizer International School of Science Founding Project / Katsuiku Education Foundation

Richie (Ryuichi Nomura)


Takeshi Kinugawa

Project Leader

Masayuki Sorata

Project Manager

Risa Mizuno

Program Coordinator

Clarlotte Evans

Head of teachers

Yoshifumi Komasa

Curriculum Coordinator

Taizo Son