New School Name Announcement
the Manai Institute of Science and Technology

A new place of learning that ISSJ is staring up will be called, the Manai Institute of Science and Technology (Manai).
Manai is a new style of school, where students will focus on their research project work.
We are planning to open this school in the fall of 2020. We will start the recruitment of the first batch of students in the fall of 2019.

A program focused on Research Projects

We don not provide simple knowledge acquisitions. Students will study and learn how to apply the knowledge they have acquired through their research.

A six-month assessment period

After applying, students will proceed to our assessment period from September 2019 to February 2020. Students will be assessed based on their passion and potential towards science. The maximum number of students to enter this period will be 30 students.

Support from our off-campus mentors (Senpai)

Students who have passed the assessment period will be assigned with our off-campus mentors (Senpai). Students will be able to discuss their future careers and receive academic support as well as a financial support equivalent to our tuition fees.


Not only in Tokyo, Ichigaya but students will have access to our partnering universities, research institutions and facilities.


  • Enrolled in grade 9 or 10 as of September 2019. (Please contact us for students outside of the age requirement)
  • You are able to commute to the Manai Base in Ichigaya, Tokyo
  • You are capable of communicating in English

Details of application will be released on February 1st of 2019.
Enter email for more information coming to you soon.


2019 Spring Program

ISSJ provides a week-long Spring Program, which corresponds with the curriculum of our full-time International Science High School to be launched in 2020. This Spring Program will help to create a foundation for students to shape their future by identifying their own science research theme and learning how to make progress with scientific approaches and effective presentation skills to deliver their results on a global level.


October 31st, 2018 (Japan Standard Time)

Thank you for your interest in our Program.
Application for 2019 Spring Program has been closed.
We hope to see your application in the next Program!



Swing-by is a project where middle and highschool students all over the world come together and establish a research group with ISSJ mentors for an international collaboration research.

Participant Requirements

  • Ability to participate in English discussions.
  • Pass the interview and selection process.
  • Available to access Internet when the scheduled meetings are hold.
3rd application deadline :
September 30, 2018
We have filled up all the available slots for now.
If/when we reopen the application, we will announce it through our website.
Target Age of Participants:
Age 10~17(At the time of application)

International School of Science Japan Founding Project

The International School of Science Japan will be found with a special focus on students’ science research project. The project will consist of creating a learning environment which will also function as a research institute, where students will receive an accredited high school diploma. This learning environment will encourage and support students to immerse themselves in their interests, all the while gaining various knowledge and skill sets. Therefore, there will be no teachers who will enforce their teaching to students. The Mentors will guide and direct the learnings and research of each student. There will be no one-size-fits-all curriculum. Each students’ curriculum will be tailored according to the individual.

Projected School Opening: September 2020
Planned School Accreditation: WASC
Location of School: TBD

ISSJ Learning Method

At ISSJ, students never sit down in chairs or at their desk and simply listen to lectures.

ISSJ students don’t have common standardized class-timetables but rather individualized schedules tailored specifically for each of them. They focus their work mainly on their self-chosen research project. Along with their research project, students attend workshops fit accordingly to their interests and perspectives of future career. There are no mandatory lectures or workshops just for the purpose of graduation.

01Research Project based learning

Students’ main focus is their research project. While discussing with experienced ISSJ mentors, students choose their research theme and work with external research institutes accordingly. Students’ research project is the core of the ISSJ learning method.

02Hypothesis based Workshops

Workshop are what we call lectures or classes in other schools, but a big difference is that there are no one-way teaching or mandatory lectures. Students choose workshops out of various fields that may or may not related to their research projects. There are not only science workshops but other workshops such as painting, history, ethics, philosophy, and presentation skills that should be studied by future scientists in the twenty- first century. These workshops will give student’s research project more depth and a wider prospect either directly or indirectly. ISSJ workshops start with the creation of a hypothesis. During the workshop, students are asked to reevaluate and examine their hypothesis.

03Learning Anywhere/Anytime

Many of ISSJ workshops are delivered through an online system. We believe that students never need to gather at one place to sit down and listen to teachers’ explanations. Workshops are provided online and accessible to students from anywhere at any time.

04Presentation Anywhere/Anytime

Here the main focus is on presentation and articulation. Presenting and articulating their research project encourages the involvement of others which in turn broadens the students’ horizons. The students will learn how to structure and deliver presentations and give a movie presentation summarizing the contents of all their subject reports.

Future Prospects

Science Institutes’ Network
as a Learning Community

High school students will be based in the center facilities and affiliated organizations where they will immerse themselves in research, while collaborating with a diverse background of adults. We aim to create a new type of educational institution where students will leverage the network of organizations scattered around the world.

Each BASE has partners to work
with ISSJ students

The BASE will have a classroom, laboratory and a dorm where all the students will cohabitate. The students will also collaborate with affiliated institutions and partners to conduct joint research.


2018 Spring Program / 2018 Summer Program / Other Project / Internship / and more...